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Raptor Rickshaw Accessories Updated List

Launched in December 2019, Raptor Rickshaw, with modern design at affordable price, quickly gets lots of Steadicam operators’ attention. Raptor Rickshaw features a wide range of support accessories, flexible use, easy to disassemble with high stable working performance. Interest in this one has never cooled down even when the world is struggling in the Covid-19 wave. We are grateful for that.
We understand that continuous improvement is an essential thing in response to our customers’ trust. Lots of ideas with Raptor Rickshaw, this August, we have been releasing new additions to our big boy.

Take a look!

raptor rickshaw case

Rickshaw case supports two functions, including device protection and secure moving. This one has pretty big size – 1090 x 690 x 510 (mm), and made of super-hard, durable material that helps rickshaw and safety accessories, avoid substantial impacts.

Raptor Rickshaw Case

Raptor Rickshaw Case

For customers who already own Raptor Rickshaw, we recommend that customers customize the local size box like steadicam operator Jonas Torp (please see the image) because the shipping costs of this box are high.

Jonas Torp and his customized Rickshaw Case

Raptor Rickshaw Case – SHOP NOW

raptor rickshaw UPGRADE KIT

When shots are at high speed with the Rickshaw, the Steadicam operator’s focus is much forward, which made unbalanced loads on the castle wheel and causes these wheels to shake during movement.
To achieve maximum efficiency, users can use one of the following solutions:

  • Use sandbags to insert onto castle wheels and sit near towards these to balance the rickshaw center to help eliminate vibrations
  • Or remove castle wheels and use upgrade kit to make the steps faster, more flexible, and reduce the load for the people pushing the vehicle.

Keep up the excellent works with #steadicamoperator; that’s why we release Raptor Rickshaw Upgrade Kit!


Raptor Rickshaw with Upgrade Kit, Fat Wheels and Seat Back

Extension Kit for Rickshaw

Covid-19 caused many projects to be delayed or canceled, leading to a reduction in the budget, so filmmakers needed super-economical solutions for their devices. In response to the need to mount vibration isolator shooting with Rickshaw, we quickly launched the Extension Kit based on existing components.

Extension Kit is a combination of one or more 200mm extensions so that customers can customize the setup according to their needs.
Here is how Steven Camera Inc. install:

Raptor Rickshaw Build

Steven Camera Inc. Setup

Extension Kit for Raptor Rickshaw – SHOP NOW

Above are the products that Custom Easy has launched in August, 2020. Currently, all products are ready to order at the Custom Easy Store, refer HERE.

We understand that customers still have many other needs with Raptor Rickshaw, such as Rickshaw Pipe Floor Flange with the required pipe size, Dolly Track Pack, Rickshaw Shields… With these products of many sizes on the market, we are willing to customize the customer’s requirements. Please understand us for this inconvenience.
We always want to serve you better; please share your experience and needs at

Stay safe!