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Black Friday – The biggest deals of the year!

Black Friday is back and brings the biggest deals of the year that you have not found! The sale starts on November 11 and ends on November 25, 2023. Don’t miss out!

Raptor Trike

Raptor Trike is the new electrical rickshaw made by Custom Easy that allows the camera or Steadicam operators to be on set quicker and easier. #SteadiHan seems to need to remember the time he spent much effort to work on classical rickshaws (just for fun). Most important, the electrical vehicle supports you much more than you can imagine.


In the Black Friday, we provide various package depends your budget

Raptor Trike Eco Package with free Mini Cheese Plate ($799.00)

Raptor Trike Eco Package does not come with a standard Raptor Rickshaw 3. There are only Cheese Plate, Seat Post and Small Seat in the box. (Please see the image).

What can you do with Mini Cheese Plate? 

Mini Cheese Plate provides a tiny space for assembling shock absorbing arm or setup without personal working on it.

If you love this deal, pick up here!

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Raptor Trike Ready Set with free Mini Cheese Plate, Front Mitchell Mount & Footrest

Here are the amazing deals for Raptor Trike, with the following value gifts:

  • Mini Cheese Plate ($799.00)
  • Front Mitchell Mount ($179.00)
  • Footrest ($199.00)

What’s in the box of the promotion package? Please see the images.

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If you say wow for Raptor Trike deal, you must to say “WOW WOW WOW” for Raptor Z – ISO3 or Raptor XY2 deals below.

Raptor Z – ISO3 | Raptor Z – XY2 with free up to $1,485.00 gifts

With $4,299.00 for Raptor Z – ISO3 or $4,099.00 for Raptor Z – XY2 purchase, you also get in cart the following list:

  • 15kgs Vibration with Male & Female Mitchell ($549.00)
  • Bump Stop ($199.00)
  • Dual Speed Rail ($249.00)
  • Arm to Male Mitchell ($299.00)
  • 150mm Extension ($189.00)

What’s in the box of the promotion package? Please see the images.

These items allows you to operate Ronin 2 or Movi Pro camera stabilizer well.

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And Raptor Rickshaw 3 deals, you can not found these deals than ever!

Raptor Rickshaw 3 with free gifts from $999.00

Raptor Rickshaw 3 is classical rickshaw made by Custom Easy. Most important, this vehicle is supported by various accessories from Fat Wheels, Seat Back, Universal Mounting Kit, … which allows you to work on flat or rough terrain. More than that you can reach multi mission from dolly work or tracking vehicle with shock absorbing arm; or even with Steadicam/camera operator.


There are various package based on your demand and budget.

The standard box includes with Black Friday gifts like Black tubes, Floor Flange, Sleeve Joint Tube… allows you to mount with the arm or hard mount… However, on the rough terrain, Fat Wheels would be added to get the smoother performance.

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With a travel case, we provide the ready set & case at $5,999.00 or you can take advantage of big space to all accessories without shipping cost added for later.

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