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Electrical rickshaw dolly Raptor Trike on set!

electrical rickshaw dolly - raptor trike

Raptor Trike, the latest electrical rickshaw dolly upgrade from Raptor Rickshaw 3, has swiftly become a trusted ally for camera operators, especially those utilizing Steadicams. Filmmakers now have an array of options for achieving the most efficient and convenient shooting setups. With the Trike, filmmakers can confidently explore new scenes and angles effortlessly. Curious about how the Raptor Trike works? Dive into our blog.

Circular Shots with Raptor Trike

For circular shots, envision using a dolly that moves along a circular track on the ground. Alternatively, Steadi Han and his team utilized a trike to maneuver in circles, perfectly complementing each balletic movement and bringing scenes to life. Advantages of this vehicle enables filmmakers to move, adjust angles, and transition between scenes quickly and effortlessly.

See it in Action:

Witness the Raptor Trike in action in the SENZEN TRAILER. Click here to view the results:

Supportive Lighting Setup

Indeed, the Raptor Trike is a reliable support system, capable of carrying payloads of up to 200kg. It assists filmmakers even in the most challenging shooting situations.

Electrical Rickshaw Dolly & Shock Absorbing Arm Options

The Raptor Trike, built on the foundation of the Raptor Rickshaw 3, offers versatile shock-absorbing arm mounting options. Whether utilizing the Front Mitchell Mount (optional accessory) or mounting directly onto the Cheese Plate, the process is seamless. Enjoy underslung or overslung configurations with your camera stabilizer!

Reverse Mode Electrical Rickshaw Dolly Functionality

Reverse mode, a familiar feature to Raptor Trike enthusiasts, facilitates capturing diverse angles and accommodating directorial requests with ease. See More in Action


View additional images showcasing the Raptor Trike in various shooting scenarios for your reference.

While there are numerous electric vehicles on the market, if you’re seeking an optimal solution for Steadicam setups, along with compatibility with cranes, shock-absorbing arms, and gimbals, we believe the Raptor Trike is your best bet.

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