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Everything you should know for shooting with Raptor Z shock absorber arm (part 2)

Continuing with the “Everything you should know for shooting with Raptor Z shock absorber arm” series, this blog mentions Dual Springs, Dual Mitchell to Absorber Adapter, and how to use Underslung or Overslung?

Let’s find out to use your setup most effectively.

Dual Springs for Raptor Z

Dual springs leverage the power from customized in-house springs design to strengthen the Raptor Z arm. While the arm with single spring handles a maximum of 20kgs payload, Raptor Z arm with dual springs supports up to 30kgs payload, including the gimbal stabilizer, camera, lens, and other devices on the gimbal. 

Dual Springs ensures energy, strength when setup with heavy payloads.

Raptor Z arm and Raptor ISO Dampener - Micks Gripping

Refer to changing springs HERE

Dual Mitchell to Absorber Adapter

This adapter was born based on the idea of ​​Stefan Hase (German Keygrip). Wishing to convert gimbal camera quickly from Underslung mode to Overslung mode via Mitchell mounting-based. 

Refer to Stefan’s setup through setup with Mitchell to Absorber and Dual Mitchell to Absorber Arm.

Dual Mitchell to Absorber Arm - Stefan Hase

The Dual Mitchell adapter is compatible with Raptor Z arm and Flowcine Black Arm. It is beneficial for a lot of filmmakers when changing low-shot and top-shot with a single grip.

If you are using a Raptor Z shock absorber with Raptor ISO Dampener and Raptor XY Vibration Isolator, this adapter is a must-have item in your shopping cart. 

Underslung or Overslung Operation

There are many ways for you to set up a Raptor Z arm in overslung mode or underslung mode. Here is some setup for your reference:

Underslung operation via:

  • Raptor Z – ISO Dampener Combo (See Micks Gripping setup)
  • Raptor Z – Z Head Combo (*)
Marco Medici_Raptor Z Arm- Z Head Combo (*) Raptor Z – Z Head Combo supports Quick Release connection. To take advantage of this conversion, follow our guide at HERE

Overslung operation with:

  • Raptor Z – XY Vibration Isolator

Raptor Z shock absorber arm - SteadiHan

  • Raptor Z with Vibration Isolator

Raptor Z shock absorber arm - SteadiHan

You can refer to the preferred setup at Raptor Z Media.

We hope this blog has been helpful to you. Through two articles sharing “Everything, you should know for shooting with Raptor Z shock absorber arm,” you can find the package that suits your own needs.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at, and we will get back to you shortly.

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