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We had the opportunity to work with SteadiHan, the leading camera/Steadicam operator in Vietnam, on the gimbal stabilizer Movi XL Roll 360 mounted on a Raptor Trike. If you’re looking for a similar solution, please refer to this setup.

 Setting Up the Movi XL Gimbal Stabilizer

In collaboration with Han, we designed a new UNIVERSAL MALE MITCHELL mount. This mount is lightweight yet maintains solid construction, enabling the conversion of the Movi XL mounting plate to a Mitchell base.

Mounting the Movi XL on the Raptor Trike

To manage the Movi XL and its payload, Han prefers to use a MITCHELL RISER (or Bazooka) and then place a MULTI-ANGLE MITCHELL on top.

Why Not Use a 90-Degree Male to Female Mitchell for This Shot?

Han sought greater versatility. The Multi-Angle Mitchell allows for a wider range of shooting angles with the gimbal stabilizer, not just at 90 degrees, but also for 45-degree angles, overhead shot and more.

We hope you enjoyed this article. The products mentioned include the Raptor Trike, Mitchell Riser, Multi-Angle Mitchell, and Universal Male Mitchell. You can learn more at our website or at any Custom Easy dealer.