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Completed Grips for Crane solution from Custom Easy

Working with Technocrane, Moviebird, or something system like this, what grips for the crane will you need? That’s one of the concerns we received from filmmakers over the world. This blog, we collected some stuff, would be helpful for you.

Grips for Crane package from Custom Easy

Custom Easy is more popular with high-quality cinema rigs at affordable prices in the filming industry. For crane, jib, boom, or similar platform working, the collaboration of Raptor ISO, 25kgs Vibration, Raptor Magnet, 90 Degrees Male to Female Mitchell, and Mitchell to Tube is our recommendation.

What can they do?

Raptor ISO provides the added horizontal smoothness and allows a more massive payload equipped with the gyro-stabilized head. 

25kgs Vibration removes high-frequency vibrations and dampens the low-frequency oscillations. You can work them separately based on their movement (slowly or quickly).

But we recommend you use both Custom Easy rigs for the best result. Please learn more testing videos from The Crane Guy.

From a crane with a top angle, if you would like to switch to a low angle, Raptor Magnet is the quick solution for you. We don’t doubt that Raptor Magnet is the first-world safety electromagnetic release. The Custom Easy magnet support Mitchell top-mount to be easy to attach under vibration or iso dampener. And the bottom mount, Ronin 2, or Movi Pro handle can assemble directly.

The difference in grips for the crane package is 90 degrees Male to Female Mitchell. Today, capturing roll 360 is more popular as a camera stabilizer like DJI Ronin 2, Freefly Movi Pro, or Movi XL allows it. And the 90 Degrees adapter offers nose converting for this purpose. 

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Finally, Tube to Female Mitchell is our recommendation in the Grips for Crane package. This accessory allows you to install Wheels or Force via Mitchell-based and control your camera stabilizer. 

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