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Have You Known All Accessories Supported Camera Rickshaw Raptor Rickshaw 3?

What camera rickshaw is popular in the market? The Raptor Rickshaw 3 is becoming a top choice among filmmakers and Steadicam operators worldwide. It stands out with its sturdy, flexible, foldable design and is supported by a variety of accessories, allowing it to be used on many terrains and to mount numerous cinema rigs. This enables users to customize multiple scenes quickly. To learn about all the accessories that support the Raptor Rickshaw 3, please follow this blog!

Camera Rickshaw Wheel Options

The Raptor Rickshaw 3 is compatible with three kinds of wheels:

Learn more Raptor Rickshaw using in Studio:

  • FAT WHEELS: Optional accessories designed for rough terrain. Motionary Tech from Switzerland provides detailed reviews for reference.

  • Mini Spoke Wheels: Originally designed for the Raptor Rickshaw Mini, these can also be used on the Raptor Rickshaw 3.

All wheel types are mounted to the Wheel Mounting Bracket using an M10 Alu Knob (M10x15mm), available in our store.

Rickshaw Seat

The Raptor Rickshaw 3 comes with a small seat. Like a seat, The small seat also can be used as a backrest with added accessories. The seat back is optional accessory and designed with a seat belt for safety purpose.

How to Travel with Raptor Rickshaw 3

Many customers prefer to build the rickshaw and travel by car to the shooting location. For easier travel and protection, we offer a big case that can pack everything, including the rickshaw, seat back, and Fat Wheels. Refer to arrangements by Close Grip UK and The Crane Guy (Canada) for quick disassembly and assembly during filming.

Various Mounting Accessories

Imagine you are a Steadicam operator. How would you like to attach the Stabilizer arm? There are several options:

For long shooting sessions, consider adding a backrest using the Small Seat, a Backrest Adapter, an extra Floor Flange, and Black Tubes. For more comfort, add a Universal Wheel Fender for better shooting posture.

Steadicam Set without Backrest

Backrest Setup

Added Universal Wheel Fender

For camera operators, a FOOTREST can enhance safety and flexibility.

Or using a mix of FLOOR FLANGE | SLEEVE JOINT TUBE | T48 CONNECTOR | 48.3MM SWIVE CLAMPS | BLACK TUBES; These accessories provide countless customization options for diverse shots.

Camera Rickshaw on Dolly Track

Yes, you can use the Raptor Rickshaw 3 on circular or straight dolly tracks with RAPTOR TRACK WHEELS.


Can Raptor Rickshaw 3 Run Fast?

Absolutely! Lock the caster wheel and assemble the EXTENSION HANDLE for easier operation. Or you also use Sleeve Joint Tube and Black Tube to extend the handlebar for multiple key grips to push the rickshaw.

After shooting, how can we clean the Raptor Rickshaw?

You can clean the vehicle with water and then spray Selleys RP7 or WD40 Multi-use product on moving positions such as wheel axles and bearings to lubricate and prevent rust.

We hope this blog is useful for you. Need more details? Please email us!