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Mitchell adapter made by Custom Easy

Custom Easy provides various Mitchell adapter supports for multi-way on set with crane, camera stabilizer… Did you know all of them? Please check this blog for more detail.

Male Mitchell & Gimbal to Male Mitchell Set

Male Mitchell is one of the essential cinema rigs used to mount any number of things onto any Mitchell base. The Male Mitchell made by Custom Easy includes Mitchell threaded collar and castle nut, which are offered at the best price in the market – only $69.00/set.
The best-selling item with Male Mitchell is Gimbal to Male Mitchell adapter. This combo easily converts Ronin 2 or Movi Pro quick release to Mitchell base.

Male Mitchell & Gimbal to Male Mitchell are provided at $99.00/set only. These items can be found at

Female Mitchell Adapter

Female Mitchell Mount mainly supports converting Universal Plate mounting based on 15kg or 25kg Vibration to Mitchell standard. You can find this item at

Universal Plate to Mitchell Adapter

There are many ways to use Universal Plate to Mitchell adapter. However, it would be the best economic solution if the users want to exchange Motocrane ULTRA Head Adapter Plate for the Mitchell base.


Besides, this one also can use under Z Pro Head or on the Universal Cheese Plate of Raptor Rickshaw 3 to get Mitchell base. And, where can you find it? Here it is:

90Degrees Male to Female Mitchell Mount

Who wants to do 360 rolls with the pan-on-camera stabilizer DJI Ronin 2, Movi XL, and Movi Pro? Please check this Mitchell adapter:

Like its name, 90 Degrees Male to Female Mitchell supports converting nose mounting. And, this 90-degree adapter is mostly purchased with Male Mitchell and Gimbal to Male to collab together with Ronin 2 or Movi Pro via Mitchell base.

Tube to Male Mitchell or Female Mitchell

With Tube to Male Mitchell, this item only supports a 1 1/2″ (48.3mm) tube size. Moreover, the Tube to Female Mitchell supports a broader range from 48 – 51mm tube size.

Please learn more Tube to Female Mitchell at

And Tube to Male Mitchell at

Mitchell Camera Riser

Next, we want to mention Mitchell Camera Riser, which supports male to Female Mitchell mount. There are 02 kinds of ranges offering: 9″ and 18″. The users have many ways on set with these items, and please visit “Mix and Match Custom Easy cinema rigs!” blog for more detail.

Mitchell to 150mm Bowl

Totally new is Mitchell to 150mm Bowl allows the users to convert standard mounting like its name mentioned. The Mitchell to 150mm Bowl is compatible with Raptor XY2 only. Please enter the link for more detail:

This one is available in stock and ready to pick up within 1 working day after payment is confirmed.

Which Mitchell adapter are you looking for? Please email us at if you need other rigs.