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Mix and Match Custom Easy cinema rigs!

Have you tried to mix and match all setups you can with Custom Easy cinema rigs? With Raptor Rickshaw 3 and 18″ Mitchell Cinema Riser, let’s see how we can on set with other Custom Easy rigs.

Equipped with Raptor Magnet

Raptor Magnet features unlock camera operator from crane to handheld or vice versa in a second. Have you considered mounting it on a rickshaw moving and changing it to handheld as you do with a crane? Well, the Magnet can handle it.

See this pic; here is a setup from Elan Vick (Taiwan) with his custom rickshaw, Raptor Z arm with Raptor Magnet, and Ronin 2 overslung operation.

Play on Raptor Rickshaw 3, and we think about an 18″ Mitchell Riser with Mitchell-mount supported, which allows us to install Raptor Magnet easily.

In case you want to mount the Raptor Z arm. Drop down this blog.

Equipped with Raptor Z arm in both underslung and overslung operation!

With Raptor Rickshaw 3 and 18″ Mitchell Cinema Riser, we choose Arm to Male Mitchell for assembling the Raptor Z arm on the vehicle. It is more sturdy, like how you mount the arm on the dolly.

Equipped with Steadicam

Usually, we use Universal Mounting Kit for setting up with Steadicam. You need to mount Floor Flange on Cheese Plate and connect it with a suitable tube size. Floor Flange features standard screw mounting; you can quickly put it on everywhere and on set.

Another way Karsten Jäger (Steadicam operator of Cineone – Germany) loves to use a bazooka to bring his Steadicam on Raptor Rickshaw. It looks like how you set up the tube on the Mitchell riser. Please see these pics.

Equipped with camera operator

Finally, in the Custom Easy cinema rigs list, Raptor XY2, you can mount on Raptor Rickshaw for the camera operator.

This setup get much attention from

Custom Easy products are designed with Mitchell-based. You can easily mix and match them together or use them separately. We hope this blog is helpful to you. For further information, feel free to email us at

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