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New Arrival, EURO Mount is coming!

Custom Easy is providing a range of popular Mitchell mount and adapter, but has not any EURO Mount yet. And this time, we made it happen.

New Arrival in Jun 2023

  • Male EURO Mount
  • EURO Mount to Mitchell Adapter
  • Gimbal Mount to Tube
  • R1/2 Pull Bar

Male EURO Mount & EURO Mount to Mitchell Adapter

These adapters support standard EURO mount cinerigs.

Please learn more Male EURO Mount at HERE

And more detail about EURO Mount to Mitchell at HERE


Gimbal Mount to Tube is compatible with 32 – 35mm tubes, support converting camera stabilizer mounting-based (Ronin 2 Universal Mounting or Toad in the Holes) to tube options. Read more detail at our blog “Custom Made Easy Vol 3 – Gimbal Mount to Tube

Now, you can reserve one easily at HERE


As you are owner of Raptor Rickshaw 1/2, the Pull Bar is the missing feature compared with Raptor Rickshaw 3. And this product made your vehicle be stronger.

It is in stock, and you can purchase at HERE