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New Arrival Raptor Rickshaw Mini

December 2022, we are happy to release the new Raptor Rickshaw Mini, the new Rickshaw for travel shooting. Inheriting the advantages of Raptor Rickshaw 3, the Mini is optimized to be compact but powerful and handle up to 150kgs. Easy Installation, Easy Movement, Easy Shooting!

What’s the difference between Raptor Rickshaw 3 and Raptor Rickshaw Mini?

Rickshaw Mini features almost the function of the Rickshaw 3. But it is designed with a smaller space (Universal Cheese Plate), so room for a camera or Steadicam Operator will be less convenient. Besides, the Mini does not support an extension handle, but it only affects the vehicle’s operation a little.

This slight difference allows us to cut costs, giving us an outstanding offer for the Raptor Rickshaw Mini at just $2,899.00 (limited time). The product is more suitable for filmmakers who often travel and have a moderate budget. With raptor rickshaw Mini, what can you do? Follow along below.

Small but Powerful

Raptor Rickshaw Mini has only 32kgs net weight but handles up to 150kgs. Flying travel with the Mini, it would be possible completely.

Various setups on Universal Cheese Plate

The advantage we mentioned in Rickshaw 3 is the built-in Mitchell-based and standard matrix holes applied on many cine rig manufacturers. All of them are bringing on the Raptor Rickshaw Mini.

  • With Mitchell-based built-in: You can mount Male Mitchell to EURO mount, Male Mitchell to tube adapter or Mitchell camera riser to install various rigs.
  • With Matrix holes, you can install the Floor Flange everywhere on Cheese Plate. That allows you to assemble a Universal Mounting Kit, Scaffold, or lighting kit.

Precision Tracking

Raptor Rickshaw Mini involved with 10-inch dual caster wheels for precision tracking. Besides, the built-in wheel lock provides stability to the system even in rougher terrains.

Brand new Mini Spoke Wheels

Mini Spoke Wheels is one of our favorite things about the Rickshaw Mini. The new wheels are designed with a monolithic spoke that looks like car wheels design, so how powerful you can imagine. Besides, it supports smooth performance also.

The Mini Spoke Wheels have a 45cm diameter like Fat Wheels, which is why it is also compatible with Raptor Rickshaw.

What’s in the box?

Everything in the box is ready for your shooting.

Various accessories support, what do I need?

First of all, we focus on the popular accessories used in filming for your reference.

  • (1) Seat Back, coming with a seat belt, supports to save the shooters from falling backward.
  • (2) Fat Wheels supports for filming on rough terrain
  • (3) Universal Mounting Kit allows you to set up shock absorbing arm, or hard mount on Raptor Rickshaw Mini
  • (4)  Raptor Hard Mount assembles with Universal Mounting Kit and connects the Steadicam Arm

Other accessories you can consider:

  • (5) Raptor Track Wheels

  • (6) Mini Travel Case can carry Raptor Rickshaw Mini, Universal Mounting, and 2-inch Spacer

  • (7) 2-inch Spacer supports to change ground clearance from 14cm (default option) to 9cm
  • (8) Backrest Adapter is used to take advantage small seat to backrest
  • (9) Universal Plate to Mitchell, (10) Male Mitchell to Tube, (11) Floor Flange to 48.3mm Tube, (12) Mitchell Camera Riser allows you to install the suitable rigs on Cheese Plate.

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