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New Year Sales, Buy more Save MORE!

Happy New Year!
2023 was a challenging in filmmaking industry with the rapid development of AI, a long strike leading many projects canceled or delayed. We and you are looking forward to 2024 with prosperty business, upcoming movies/dramas. Now, it’s time to reserve cinema rigs to meet the director’s requirements.

New Year Sales Schedule

The promotion starts from Jan 10 – 25, 2024 with various deals up to 20 – 30% OFF (corresponding to more than $1,300.00 saving). Besides, please save our holiday, busy logistics schedule to avoid any delay.

Notice our schedule, and update the biggest deals in New Year for you. BUY MORE SAVE MORE, Don’t miss out!

Raptor Z Pro combo, saving more than $1,000.00

Raptor Z Pro is one the best ideal shock absorbing arm for Ronin 2 or Movi Pro shooting. What does Raptor Z Pro feature? Please see the image.

Or you can learn more at

And the amazing deals you can save here:


Raptor ISO3, Raptor XY2 – Buy more Save MORE!

If you have plan to purchase Raptor ISO3 for crane or jib working or Raptor XY2 on dolly, this sales event is a very good chance for you.

Learn more products at: RAPTOR ISO3 | RAPTOR XY2

DEAL 1: Purchase Raptor ISO3 & Case or Raptor XY2 & Case get FREE 25kgs Vibration with Male Mitchell & Universal Plate ($599.00)

DEAL 2: Raptor ISO3 & Case + Raptor Magnet & Case and more

Please see the New Year deals here:


Raptor Z – ISO3 & free XYZ Vibration & Case ($1,299.00)

Please learn more Raptor Z – ISO3 at HERE!

Saving up to $1,299.00 (of XYZ Vibration & Case) when purchasing Raptor Z – ISO3 Arm. And even more when you purchase more accessories. Check it out.


Raptor Z – XY2 & free 25kgs Vibration & Case ($979.00)

Raptor Z – XY2 can work with camera head or camera stabilizer in both underslung and overslung. More detail, please click HERE

Purchase today, you can save the gift up to $979.00 – 25kgs Vibration with Male & Female Mitchell, Vibration Case and Mitchell Wrench. And even more when you purchase more accessories. Check it out.


SHOCK DEAL – Raptor Rickshaw Mini at only $2,399.00

Final deal is also the biggest deal on this occasion. Saving up to $500.00 when purchase Raptor Rickshaw Mini. It means, you can pick up the Mini from $2,399.00 + shipping only!

Please learn more Raptor Rickshaw Mini at HERE

And of course, buy more SAVE MORE when purchasing the combo. Check it out.