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Raptor Magnet in the cinematic shots (MAI BTS)

“Mai,” the movie that dominated the Vietnamese box office during the Lunar New Year, not only brought a wonderfully realistic story about a massage therapist named Mai but also showcased numerous captivating cinematic shots. These tales, conveyed through long takes, challenged every member of the film crews to perform with the utmost precision and meticulousness. Among them, Raptor Magnet was involved in two of MAI’s standout scenes. Discover more in the blog post below.

Cinematic shots: “Rain of Love”

This shot commences from beneath the apartment, tracing the journey of the two characters up to the 3rd floor and into the woman’s house where they bid farewell. It seamlessly melds the movements of various elements – devices, rain, actors, and their genuine emotions. Raptor Magnet hangs beneath a crane carrying the Ronin 2 and camera rigs. Subsequently, the camera operator hoists the entire setup to capture details as the characters move.

ONE SHOT: “Several Pickups and Drop-offs”

For this scene, the director envisioned a panoramic camera angle amidst the apartment building, transitioning from the third floor down to the ground floor and following the characters outside. To fulfill the director’s vision:

  • A robust support frame is erected on the apartment roof to securely suspend the gimbal and camera setup.
  • The moving pulley system is maneuvered in tandem with the dolly’s movement.
  • The Raptor Magnet facilitates swift scene transitions to handheld operation.

While the behind-the-scenes process may seem brief, with these long cinematic shots, any misstep necessitates starting over. These challenges demand strict adherence from all involved. However, the end result is a captivating narrative that evokes a myriad of emotions and delivers stunning footage to the audience. We firmly believe that this success is a testament to the dedication and skill of filmmakers.

Raptor Magnet, introduced in 2022, is supporting filmmakers to craft breathtaking cinematic shots. For further Raptor Magnet information, please click HERE.