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Raptor Magnet – Instant transfer Powerful

raptor magnet

Raptor Magnet, the most anticipated product in 2021 at Custom Easy, will be officially launched and ready for pre-order in January 2022. What makes the Raptor Magnet get so much attention from filmmakers? Please follow this blog.

Raptor Magnet – Instant Transfer Powerful

Raptor Magnet works on the principle of a powerful electromagnet that can load up to 50kgs payload. Instant transfer means its principle of operation allows for pulling and releasing immediately or touching and auto-lock. In the twenty-first era, with the development of the filmmaking industry, directors are more ambitious with long-shot take to deliver a smoother story. How to create commonly used camera angles with gimbal-mounted on a camera crane, jib, or boom with a high-angle to low-angle with a handheld shot or vice versa? Or even filming angles to track actors from upstairs to downstairs in schools, homes, or other outdoor settings…? That’s the reason Custom Easy produces this product.
Please take a look at our demo version that helps SteadiHan perform the classic scene in the movie “Dad, I’m sorry.”

Raptor Magnet Design

Custom Easy Magnet features sturdy and beautiful with outstanding ability. We would like to thank Max Varava for giving us the initial ideas to develop this product effectively.
Some pics for your reference:

The top mount is the Male Mitchell mount, which allows you to install Raptor ISO, Raptor XY, vibration options, or any cinema rigs via Mitchell-based. The bottom support is a steel plate with a built-in Universal Plate, compatible with the Ronin 2 Universal Mount/ Top Mounting Block or Movi Pro camera stabilizer setup.

And, most customers asked us about which battery mount works on Raptor Magnet.
That’s the V-mount option. And you can change from V-mount to Gold-mount via many adapters in the market such as SC-AB – Gold Mount Battery Plate with Stand Clamp & D-Tap Output 
Supply cable from D-tap to 4-pin Lemo cable custom-made by Custom Easy.

Other specification:

  • Dimension: 182 x 230 x 90mm
  • Weight : 3.8kg (Magnet 2.8kg + Steel plate universal mount 1kg)
  • Operating Temperature: -5°C to +45°C
  • DC IN: 14V-26V
  • Max current: 3A (16V)

Why is the Custom Easy Magnet safer?

There are many customized electromagnetic quick releases in the market. However, why should the filmmaker choose Custom Easy Magnet? That’s the safety function.
First is a mechanical key with a simple structure that protects the release bottom before shooting. Nobody can touch button release when your rigs are beneath the magnet. And you can remove it easily when the director calls everything ready.

Next is a unique safety device inside the Raptor Magnet to keep the device in place when out of battery power. For your reference, please see the video:

What’s price?

Raptor Magnet is going to launch on January 10th, 2022. Its price is $1,899.00 and with extra travel case price at $189.00. And you can reserve at Custom Easy directly or via our resellers. 

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