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Raptor Rickshaw 3 Basic Components

If you are interested in the Raptor Rickshaw 3 and have 1 ½” (48.3mm) tubes, this blog is right for you. With the rickshaw version 3, we made it compatible with the more common 1 ½” tube sizes . Besides, Custom Easy also offers standard components separately that allow filmmakers flexibility in wide range of Raptor Rickshaw setups.

If you have no idea about Raptor Rickshaw, please visit HERE to learn more about Custom Easy vehicle. The follow blogs are also useful for you before learning Raptor Rickshaw 3 basic components.

What are the standard components of a Rickshaw?

Custom Easy is providing five main support components for Raptor Rickshaw 3, including:

For each component, we will explain the primary usage for your ease. And then you can check out how we mix and match ingredients together.

Floor Flange

First, with Floor Flange, this accessory is directly on the Rickshaw Cheese mounted Plate, allows for quick installation of vertical scaffolding (tubes).
Example 1: Floor Flange joins Universal Mounting Kit, which allows filmmakers to mount shock-absorbing or Steadicam arm via Hard Mount.

Example 2: In this setup, we use a 02x Floor Flange with 48.3mm tubes, a Backrest Adapter, and a Small Seat (standard seat in the Raptor Rickshaw 3 pack). So, they allow the filmmaker to stand still to work with the camera or Steadicam.

Dual clamp 48 – 51mm or 48.3mm Swivel Clamp

If only used in Raptor Rickshaw 3, 48 – 51mm Dual Clamp and 48.3mm Swivel Clamp have similar applications. And the difference is that the 48.3mm Swivel Clamp is more rigid and supports car mounts with 1 ½” tubes. While the 48 – 51mm Dual Clamp is only used on rickshaws, it allows use with tube sizes between 48 – 51mm. It is also suitable for Custom Easy 1 and 2 vehicle versions.
How to be on set? Take a look at the following image:

Both clamps allow connecting tubes to tubes at multiple angles (except vertical or perpendicular).

48.3mm Sleeve Joint Tube

As its name suggests, the 48.3mm Sleeve Joint Tube supports prolonged tubes together into one. Currently, pipes are commonly manufactured not longer than 1m. And if you need longer lengths, this is the solution for you.
Currently, we are incorporating this component in the Extension Handle and the Universal Mounting Kit. And, you can refer to the settings below.

T48 Connector

With the T48 Connector, filmmakers can connect tubes to tubes at a 90-degree angle. You can see this in the main standard handle of the Raptor Rickshaw 3.
Or as SteadiHan uses them to hang his Steadicam vest or camera operator (just for your reference).

If you had your tubes available, how would you mix and match these components? Please continue to follow this blog post.

Mix and match essential ingredients

There are many ways to set up, as we mentioned above. Here are the two most common benefits that filmmakers encounter:
Setup 1: to install a shock-absorbing arm or Steadicam

Setup 2: to work with a gimbal operator or camera operator

Hopefully, this article is helpful for you.

The Raptor Rickshaw 3 is a significant vehicle used by professional videographers and rental houses worldwide such as William F White, Panavision UK, Habibi Rentals, and more. And you can experience or buy our large vehicle through our dealer network HERE.
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