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Raptor Rickshaw 3 – Significant Change

Raptor Rickshaw 3 - Flexible camera rickshaw for steadicam operator

Although only being launched more than a year, Raptor Rickshaw has received a lot of favor from the camera operators with its sturdy design and flexible use. Exceeding our expectations, Raptor Rickshaw always runs out of stock very quickly for each production, and lead time delivery is often opposite from 15 to 20 days. However, we do not allow ourselves to stop but to improve and always aim for the best product version for our customers. And Raptor Rickshaw 3 has a significant change to become more powerful, more convenient for filmmakers.

Raptor Rickshaw 3 - Flexible camera rickshaw for steadicam operator

Join us to find out about this difference.

Meet mounting international standards!

Thanks, Benjamin Granet of Kelvin Technik (Canada) advises us the essential requirements need to change to make the product more compatible with standards in most European countries, the USA, and Canada. Rickshaw versions 1 and 2 used with 50mm size tubes, prevalent in our country – Vietnam and other Asia countries. But in Raptor Rickshaw 3, the big vehicle is updated with all-in 1 ½” (corresponding to 48.4mm OD) size tubes, allowing the filmmakers to build or custom setup easier.

More than that! The Rickshaw 3 comes with a new Universal Cheese Plate mounting. Besides the built-in Mitchell mount, the Cheese Plate was designed with threaded M8 and 3/8″ holes via 2-inch matrix space. Therefore, installation with camera head, vibration, bazooka, custom rigs… much more convenient and quicker.

Raptor Rickshaw 3 - Universal Cheese Plate


Added pull bar

Dan Nightingale (UK) brings a new question to us.

“The rickshaw is great, and I’m a big fan. However very hard to get the pull bar not to move when using the rickshaw with the jockey wheel. I’m 90kg, and my Steadicam is 40kg, so pretty heavy.! The bar moves very easily even when tightened a lot.”

And his solution:

“With the extension kit and the additional support, the bar is solid, but obviously, this is not very good when the jockey wheel is attached. I have made some extra tubes and solved the problem. This is simply a request to include more clamps x4 and x2 tubes (21cm) in any future kits for future users of the rickshaw. It’s a great product, but the flexibility of the pull bar is the one bad area and the one weakness of the rickshaw system.”

Raptor Rickshaw 3 with added pull bar

On this occasion, we thank you very much, Dan Nightingale. Of course, we have to update this solution for Raptor Rickshaw 3 immediately.

Raptor Rickshaw 3 with added pull bar


Versatile Optional Accessories

This change is required to sync with Raptor Rickshaw 3. The main difference is the Extension Handle used instead of the Upgrade Kit (of Rickshaw versions 1 and 2). The Extension and Arm Mounting Kits are updated with 1 ½” (48.4mm OD) tubes.

Raptor Rickshaw 3 with various accessories supported


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Raptor Rickshaw 3 prices from $ 3,699.00 and ready to ship from April 15th, 2021. Saving more if you purchase via combo, learn more HERE.

These would be the most significant change on Raptor Rickshaw 3 to become stronger and meet customers’ increasing needs. We hope you enjoy it and always support us.
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