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Raptor Trike Battery Option

We released the Raptor Trike Electrical Kit no longer, and the Raptor Trike battery is one of the most questions customers are asking. As Dewalt Flexvolt batteries are not popular in your country, is there any option for you? Yes, please check this blog.

DEWALT Flexvolt Battery

Dewalt Flexvolt 15aH battery is the best battery recommendation for Raptor Trike.

If you are located in the USA, Canada, DEWALT DCB615 FLEXVOLT® 20V/60V Max* 15.0Ah Battery is a good choice for you. And you can purchase easily via Amazon (HERE) with compatible charger DEWALT-DCB118-FLEXVOLT-Fast-Charger (Link HERE)

Outside of the USA, DeWalt 18V/54V XR FLEXVOLT 15.0Ah Battery DCB549-XJ can work with the Raptor Trike.

“The Dewalt 54v is the same 60v, and you can buy it without any problem. Different countries sometimes force marketing to label things differently; the only difference is the sticker. When fully charged, the 54v battery can read up to 60v (max) on a voltmeter.”

This model is more popular and you can find more than in the UK, Eurozone, Australia and more. Such as some link for your reference:

ASIA market:

You have not found the suitable Dewalt battery, here is another choice for your reference.

Escooter or Ebike Battery option

Besides, the vehicle also accepts a 60V Lithium battery 12 – 15aH (battery tray is 400x100x70mm) with an XT60 connector for power cable. Please find the e-bike or e-scooter batteries whose dimensions are less than or equal.

We found some via Internet, such as:

  • UK: or
  • Japan:

The batteries list will be updated once getting new information. Please follow this blog or email us at to check battery solution.