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When developing the Raptor Rickshaw, we had a future in mind with an electric version called the Raptor Trike. And today Raptor Trike Electrical Kit, with the mission to make your own classic Raptor Rickshaw into an electric vehicle, is ready to release. Please follow this blog to learn more about its assembly and operation.


The Raptor Trike Electrical Kit is optimized for the user to operate flexibly, comfortably, and efficiently. Name some essential parts that you should understand before using:


Like its name, this added set upgrades your Raptor Rickshaw from a classical operator to an electrical vehicle. And more advanced features, which you can find below:

  • An installation like Lego:

Raptor Trike Electrical Kit is assembled in front of the Rickshaw Cheese Plate. It provides enough traction and thrust for your vehicle without changing the rest of the components.

  • Sit Comfortably with 3 points: flat chair, wheel adjustment, and footrest

  • Energy from Dual Dewalt Flexvolt Batteries:

    With devices built-in batteries, it is becoming increasingly difficult to transport and travel with them. Raptor Trike Electrical Kit is not designed like that and is powered by dual Dewalt Flexvolt batteries, which you can reach easily locally.

    • Battery: DEWALT-DCB615-FLEXVOLT-15-0Ah-Battery. Amazon link
    • Battery Charger: DEWALT-DCB118-FLEXVOLT-Fast-Charger. Amazon link
  • Simple Operation:

Here is the Raptor Trike Electrical Kit control area, and you can find.

    • 1 – Power ON/OFF
    • 2 – R means Reverse Mode. Please press this button to change the direction. 
    • 3 – Throttle. To accelerate the Raptor Rickshaw, turn the throttle grip towards you. Similarly, to slow down, roll the throttle away from you.
    • 4 – Brake. In order to STOP, please actuate the brake.
    • 5 – Packing Brake
    • 6 – Battery Percentage

  • Maximum payload: 200kgs, various camera setup you can nail it!

  • Speed Limit: Maximum 30 km/h (drive mode), 8 km/h (reverse mode)


Raptor Trike Electrical Kit is in production; its price is $4,999.00. Early Bird Special Offer supports customers to pick up this package at $4,499.00 only until August 20, 2023. There are 03 versions corresponding to the rickshaw version, please choose the suitable option for you.

Delivery time is from September 05, 2023, based on first come, first serve. You can reserve today at HERE or via our reseller. Please learn more about our reseller list at

Should you have any questions, feel free to email us at