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Raptor Z Pro (Mitchell-mount)

Raptor Z Pro (Mitchell-mount)? Yes, that’s precisely what it is. Raptor Z Pro has a solid design with an upgraded hydraulic damper and excellent anti-vibration, thereby receiving much attention from filmmakers worldwide. Besides, we received a lot of awareness about the compatibility of Raptor Z Pro with other damping solutions such as 25kgs Vibration, Flowcine Tranquilizer, Kessler Crane Kill Shock… That’s why Raptor Z Pro (Mitchell mount) was born with minor changes but significant effects.

More Flexible

Raptor Z Pro (Mitchell-mount) retains the original anti-shake, built-in quick release, extended arm length features. However, it has been stripped of 15kgs Vibration and built-in with Universal Plate to Mitchell to support a broader range of vibrations via the Mitchell standard.

Happy shooting with Aircam in Ride and Slay 2 project of Rok Bagoros, the only KTM official pro freestyle street bike rider.


Load capacity up to 30kgs

In the original, Raptor Z Pro is optimized for Ronin 2 or Movi Pro, so the payload limits to 20kgs. However, the Z Pro Head can handle up to 30kgs. Therefore, you can use the Raptor Z Pro (Mitchell mount) to carry a heavier camera stabilizer like Movi XL with added Heavy Springs and vibration option corresponding.

Return to Aircam setup, and they already own the Flowcine Tranquilizer. Simple solution via adding Male Mitchell & Gimbal to Male Mitchell to convert Sweden vibration to Mitchell-based, Aircam onset easily.

Price and Availability

Raptor Z Pro (Mitchell-mount), priced at $3,499.00, comes with 02 travel cases. And, the product is now ready, waiting for your reservation.
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If you already have the original Raptor Z Pro and want to convert to a similar Mitchell-mount, you’ll need the following accessories:

  • Universal Plate to Mitchell Adapter
  • Male Mitchell & Gimbal to Male to add 15kgs Vibration built-in

Should you need any assistance, feel free to email us at