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Rickshaw Dolly Tips and Trick is the first blog in a series of tips and tricks that we’ve wanted to do for a long time to share valuable experiences with Custom Users. Every case is a sharing from filmmakers to use Custom Easy products more effectively and flexibly in specific cases. These tips and tricks may not work for you at times, but they will help you find solutions that work for you in the future. Please enjoy this blog post.

Filming Rickshaw dolly in studio

Shooting in the studio, you will face the problem of moving the Raptor Rickshaw without the tires peeling off the paint. Drew Theiss, camera operator, will show you how to do this simple below:

  • Step 1: Felt Tap, which has a suitable size with rickshaw wheels
  • Step 2: Wrap the tap into the rickshaw wheels
  • And finally, in step 3, secure the tap

Please see the image:

rickshaw dolly filming in studio

And you can find the result here:


Ice Skating

Ice sports are popular and loved in North America. Scenes that capture athletes’ smooth, professional movements or action chase scenes… are more in demand. A camera operator with expert skating skills can efficiently perform for medium or high angles with a stabilizer gimbal. However, with low angles or on sets with the Steadicam operator, shooting rickshaws are more convenient and safer.

How to use and direct a Rickshaw on ice? See this pic:

Rickshaw dolly ice skating

Kes Tagney and Joz Production used glider pucks under Raptor Rickshaw Cheese Plate with his Steadicam and Arriflex 235. Such an amazing performance. 

Benjamin Garnet (of Kelvin Technik) is providing this equipment.

Bike Rigs

Raptor Rickshaw is getting trust for the strength and versatility of its simple, easy-to-remove system. And through that, filmmakers can unleash their creativity without fear of affecting the vehicle’s main structure. To accelerate the dolly rickshaw quickly, Robert Barcelona from The Crane Guy combines the Custom Easy rickshaw with the Terrain R750 allowing acceleration up to 20mph (32.18 km/h). How did he set it up? Let’s see the image.

Setup involves a T48 Connector (using for Raptor Rickshaw 3 only) and tube, and you can use 48 – 51 dual clamps or 48.3mm swivel clamps for mounting into the e-bike.

Higher Seat Back

Christopher McGuire asked us “if you had any plans to take a seat for the Raptor Rickshaw with a higher back support.” Frankly, we don’t have a plan for it. But, if you are interested in a higher seat back like Chris, you can refer to our following setup.

In the image, we take advantage of the backrest adapter to convert the small seat to a higher backrest behind the seat back.


Above are a few useful settings that we have compiled. Which setup do you like best? Please leave a comment to let us know.

Connect your setup with Custom Easy via hashtag #customeasy or #custommadeeasy via Instagram or Facebook. If you need any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to email us at

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