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Steadicam® Hard Mount, Multi-Angle Mitchell and more coming!

This October, we are happy to announce some new arrivals: solid design and the excellent ability for camera operators on set. Compatible with Raptor Rickshaw 3, welcome new Raptor Hard Mount, Universal Mounting Kit. And, as its name suggests, Multi-Angle Mitchell supports a variety of angles with the crane, jib according to the Mitchell standard that you should not ignore. Follow this blog to learn more about the new Custom Easy release.

Steadicam Hard Mount

Raptor Hard Mount is a sturdy Steadicam® hard mount, which allows the operator to dial in roll and tilt angle without the need of unmounting the arm when making adjustments. With Raptor Hard Mount, the shooter can mount it both on the left and right sides, giving the operator a quick way of changing the setup on the fly if needed. The clamps can easily be flipped if the operator wants the locking eye bolt screw on the opposite side. An Allen key easily controls the tilt axis. Once the sled is positioned close to the rig’s center of gravity, turning the tilt adjustment is effortless, thus making it very quick and easy to find the correct angle where the sled does not want to drift either fore and aft or left to right. See this pic

Raptor Hard Mount includes a female socket block made out of stainless steel, which ensures compatibility with all universal male socket blocks on the market and comes with two 20mm custom 1-¼”-20 UNC adjustment knobs.

Steadicam operators can use Raptor Hard Mount with a 48-51mm speed rail (scaffold). Or switch to Mitchell-based easily with added Arm to Male Mitchell mount.

You can order Raptor Hard Mount at HERE with a delivery date from October 30th, 2021.

Universal Mounting Kit

The Universal Mounting Kit offers a more flexible solution for setting up rigs on Raptor Rickshaw 3 than the Arm Mounting Kit can do. Derived from what’s in the box, Universal Mounting Kit comes with:

  • 4x Black Tube 48.3x 800mm
  • 4x 48-51mm Dual Clamps
  • 1x 48.3mm Sleeve Joint Tube
  • 1x Floor Flange

This set of components allows customers to connect the whole or each part flexibly depending on their usage needs. A few settings for your reference:

  • Shock absorbing arm or Steadicam mounting with support height up to 160cm instead of 970cm like Arm Mounting Kit

  • Extend push bar with a combination of 02x Black tube and 01x Sleeve Joint Tube

  • Or join the gimbal on set

Universal Mounting Kit prices at $499.00 and is available to ship. Customers can buy individually or buy a combo with Raptor Rickshaw 3.

Check it out HERE

Multi-Angle Mitchell Mount

Are you looking for a solution that allows adjusting the rotation angle on a set gimbal on a crane? So, Multi-Angle Mitchell Mount is just what you’re looking for. As its name suggests, this new arrival supports various angles with Mitchell-based: 15 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees or 90 degrees, and more via 15 degrees step.

More than that, Multi-Angle Mitchell also supports Offset mode and Riser mode.

You can learn more and reserve one HERE with a delivery date from October 30th, 2021.

Which is your favorite with the Raptor Hard Mount, the Universal Mounting Kit, and the Multi-Angle Mitchell Mount? If you are looking for a new grip solution for your setup, send us your ideas, and let’s develop it together.