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Why Customers love Custom Easy Vibration Isolator?

Vibration Isolator, Ronin 2 camera gimbal

March 2019, We unveiled the first products to the market. From that date, Custom Easy Vibration Isolator is increasingly asserting flexibility, high quality, and stability for professional filmmakers. 

Vibration Isolator for Camera Gimbal

We provide 15kgs and 25kgs vibration isolator corresponding to specific payload range 8 – 20kgs and 20 – 30kgs without adjustment. The top-mount features a native Mitchell mount, which can install with shock absorber arm, iso dampener, XY vibration isolator,… And the bottom-mount features options with Universal Plate or Female Mitchell Mount for camera gimbal setup.

Universal Plate allows you to install Ronin 2 or Movi Pro directly easily:

Besides, you can convert Universal Plate to Mitchell-based via adding Female Mitchell mount. In this way, all setup features Mitchell mount, switch devices must be faster!

Vibration Isolator filming

Custom Easy Vibration Isolator features sturdy modular wiring, provides the ultimate experience in tracking stabilization, removes high-frequency vibrations, and dampens low-frequency oscillations. Their strength is capable of underslung and overslung operation also.

  • Underslung operator

Vibration Isolator, Ronin 2 camera gimbal

  • Overslung operator

Vibration Isolator, Ronin 2 camera gimbal

Equipped tracking vehicles like car rigs with shock absorber arm, small jib, or even remoted arm, Custom Easy Vibration Isolator completed their great jobs.

  • Shock absorbing arm

  • Crane/Jib/Boom

Vibration Isolator, Ronin 2 camera gimbal

  • Dolly

Vibration Isolator, Ronin 2 camera gimbal

  • Car rigs

Vibration Isolator, Ronin 2 camera gimbal

  • Or even with Remoted Arm

Camerandar Vibration Isolator, Arri SRH-3 Remote Head

How customer enjoy vibration isolator?

Check out the Behind the scene shoot by @Micks Gripping for “Dawn of the DareDevil.” Many works of Vibration Isolator with Raptor Z – ISO Dampener Combo and Motocrane Ultra Arm.

Learn more about Custom Easy Vibration at HERE

The rigs market is more and more competitive. We are not a pioneer; however, we are confident about high-quality products at an affordable price for customers. And our vibration isolator valued at its powerful and flexible must be useful for your shooting, that’s also the reason why Custom Easy users love them.


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