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Why do you need a Raptor Rickshaw 3?

Raptor Rickshaw 3 is one of the big vehicles favored by professional filmmakers around the world. And the advantage of Custom Easy Rickshaw, first of all, is the big cheese plate (22.8×29.2″ with a thickness of ⅝”). It is precision mechanically machined from a monolith to bring rigidity and durability to the device. Second is a pull-bar update that offers a much safer, more robust support for fast running, which we’ll talk about in more detail in a later post. And finally, the variety of supporting accessories offered by Custom Easy.

With the above advantages, how can Raptor Rickshaw 3 work together to help the filmmakers? Please follow this blog to learn more experience sharing from our customers since using Custom Easy systems.

1 – Rickshaw x Handheld shot

About Raptor Rickshaw 3 Cheese Plate, its built-in holes matrix allows the shooter to mix tubes, floor flange, 48-51mm dual clamps, sleeve joint tube maximum support in a handheld shot Steadicam operator or with shock-absorbing arm.


And, there are 3 ways on set handheld combined with Raptor Rickshaw 3.

1.1 – Handheld with camera operator (Standing)

In this case, the camera operator can flexibly change the angle of the shot with a moving subject and flexibly switch from rickshaw to on-the-ground setup.

See the image with setup of Brice Reid (USA) involved with:

  • Rickshaw Floor Flange (2 units)
  • Black tube 48.3x800mm tube (2 units)
  • 48-51mm Dual Clamps (2 units)
  • Black tube 48.3x580mm tube (1 unit)

Or you need BACKREST adapter

1.2 – Handheld with camera operator (On seat)

Like the angle in the above setup, the camera operator can take a seat with a seat belt for safety and make the shoot easier.

Involved with Rickshaw small seat or exchange by the seatback

1.3 – Handheld with gimbal operator

Of course, indispensable with a handheld shot with a gimbal operator. This setup is more complicated, and you need more components rigged. Here is a system of The Grip Company (UK) for your reference. 

And, there is another setup for your reference:

2 – Rickshaw and Steadicam Operator shot

The Steadicam operator needs to fix the pedestal for the hard-mount, which is as simple as mounting floor flanges and matching tubes based on need. And, a customer asked us where the Floor Flange could be mounted on the Cheese Plate? With our answer: “As the Cheese Plate is designed in a hole matrix, you can climb the floor flange at any square position (center, left, right, or corner is available).”

3 – Rickshaw and Shock Absorbing arm shot

The rigging with a shock-absorbing arm like the Raptor Z or Flowcine Black Arm is one of the most widely used setups with the Raptor Rickshaw. Currently, Custom Easy also provides an Arm Mounting Kit set with a complete set of components to support customers to set up flexibly.

Thank you, Tobias Kahler of Motionctrl Filmproduktion (Germany), for sharing this.

Or check out this reel made by ENIGMA 3 (USA):

Smooth out your moves with The Raptor Rickshaw 3. This customizable camera platform can be configured for Steadicam, gimbal or handheld, with multiple wheels and pushing, pulling or chariot modes available.

Besides, Raptor Rickshaw 3 supported all in with 48.3mm (or 1 ½”) tubes, filmmakers can easily find longer lines locally. Alternatively, use a tube solution made by Custom Easy and reconnect with a Rickshaw 48.3mm Sleeve Joint Tube.

4 – Rigging with a camera only or on a bazooka

Still the same Rickshaw Cheese Plate, but with built-in Mitchell-based often used to mount vibration, 3-way Mitchell mount or bazooka easily. Sharing from Robert Barcelona, ​​he converted Mitchell-based to EURO mount and attached his bazooka to quickly change the stabilizer’s height.

Or rigging with bazooka.

And another example is from Cinemove Inc. rigging with Matrix 4-axis gimbal on 3-ways Mitchell and Raptor Rickshaw.

In addition, Mitchell-based can also connect with Raptor Z Ultra Mount for over-slung shots with stabilizer arm. Are you worried that moving at high speed could cause the arm movement to collide with the rickshaw, causing unfortunate consequences? Don’t worry, Raptor Z Ultra Mount is designed with added bump stop and high travel to save all equipment.


5 – Ultimate creative via customizing setup

The Raptor Rickshaw 3 is truly a compelling toy for filmmakers to bring their whims to reality with connectivity flexibility.

Rigging with the bike by Micks Gripping

Or multi-camera mount with Oli Harris (New Zealand)

Flexible, robust, and sturdy, Raptor Rickshaw 3 gives you many shooting options. Please visit HERE to learn more this vehicle. And, if you need any more information, email us at

And is this all you can on set with Raptor Rickshaw 3? Let’s move to How to run fast with Raptor Rickshaw at HERE