A. Raptor ISO Dampener FAQ

1. When do I use Raptor XY Vibration Isolator or Raptor ISO Dampener?

Custom Easy product working axes

Raptor XY Vibration Isolator usually use with dolly, car-rigs, shock absorber arm, tripod…

Raptor ISO Dampener usually use with crane, boom, shock absorber…

2. How much maximum payload of Raptor iSO Dampener? 

Maximum payload of Raptor XY is 90kgs/198lbs.

3. How to adjust the Raptor ISO Dampener?

The Raptor ISO Dampener has the same configuration like Raptor Z Head. Learn more HERE.

B. Raptor ISO Dampener Delivery

1. What’s in the box?

Raptor ISO Dampener includes:

  • 1 x Raptor ISO Dampener
  • 1x Mitchell Wrench

2. When will I receive Raptor ISO Dampener if I order now?

If it is available, we can ship within 1 working day after payment is confirmed. Please check the lead-time at store link or email us at contact@customeasy.org for to update the current stock.

3. How much chargeable weight of Raptor ISO Dampener?

Raptor XY Vibration Isolator has 15.5kgs chargeable weight.

4. Where does the product ship?

Products are made and delivered from Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam.