a. raptor rickshaw instruction and what's in the box

Raptor Rickshaw is disassembled to delivery. Learn more assembling instruction at HERE.

And more detail via the image

1 – What’s in the box of Raptor Rickshaw 3?

Package included with Main Wheels (Spoke wheels or thin wheels) and Small Seat. Here is the most concern from customers.

2 – Raptor Rickshaw Specification:

Here is Raptor Rickshaw 3 specification for your reference:

And more:

  • Length with handle tilted 45 degrees: 63.0 inches/ 160cm
  • Width with main wheels (spoke wheels): 29.5 inches/ 75cm
  • Width with fat wheels: 39.4 inches/ 100cm
  • Height with handle tilted 45 degrees: 35.4 inches/ 90cm
  • Ground Clearance: 3.5 or 5.5 inches/ 9 or 14cm
  • Seat Height (Min – Max): 15.3 – 25.2 inches/ 39 – 64cm
  • Cheese Plate: 29×22 inches/ 74×56 cm
  • Caster Wheel: 10 inches/ 25.4cm
  • Main Wheel (Spoke Wheel) diameter: 21 inches/ 54cm
  • Fat Wheel (Optional accessories) diameter: 18 inches/ 45cm
  • Maximum Payload: 330lbs/ 150kgs


1 – What difference between Raptor Rickshaw versions?

There is not much different function between Raptor Rickshaw versions. However, the difference from structure like tube sizes or caster wheels size, so you can not mix Raptor Rickshaw 1/2 or 3 together.

Here is some points for your reference:

  • Between Rickshaw 1 & 2: Uses the same 50mm tubes for all systems. However, Rickshaw 2 uses bigger Caster Wheels (exchange from 8 inch of first verion to 10 inch) and built-in lock wheels. Next, the version 2 also supports Mitchell-mount on Cheese Plate which was missed in first version.
  • Between Rickshaw 1/2 and version 3: Completed change from 50mm tubes to 48.3mm (1 1/2″) tube size. Version 3 also supported pull bar and maintain the same feature updated of version 2 on Cheese Plate and Caster Wheels

2 – Is it possible to upgrade my Raptor Rickshaw 1/2 to Raptor Rickshaw 3?

You can consider to update

  • R1/2 – New Pull Bar, its price is $299.00 with 10 days lead time
  • R1/2 – Mitchell Cheese Plate or Universal Plate to Mitchell Adapter
  • R1/2 – New Caster Wheels, price at $695 applied for version 1 only with 10 days lead time.
  • R1/2 – Floor Flange for 48.3mm tube, price at $99.00. Please email us to check if they are available in stock. If not, lead time is 10 days.

3 – Which R3 accessories can I use for Rickshaw 1/2?

You can use Universal Mounting Kit for Rickshaw 1/2. Please choose option with 48 – 51mm Dual Clamps and comment on order rickshaw version, as we will change Floor Flange to be suitable for yours.

And Raptor Hard Mount or Back rest adapter are compatible with Rickshaw 1/2 also. We don’t change mounting dimension of Fat Wheels, Seat Back, so you can work well with them.

4 – Which accessories supported for Raptor Rickshaw 3?

We are providing various accessories for Raptor Rickshaw 3:


5 – Which shot can we use with Raptor Rickshaw?

You can use Raptor Rickshaw in many shots such as:

  • Rickshaw x Handheld shot (Standing operator or camera operator can sit down and take the shot)
  • Working with gimbal
  • Working with Steadicam operator
  • Or working with Shock absorbing arm
  • You also work with Bazooka, custom rigs… and more

Please visit our blog: Why do you need a Raptor Rickshaw 3? for more detail

6 – How can I run fast with Raptor Rickshaw?

This blog would be useful for you: How Steadicam operator run fast with Raptor Rickshaw 3

7 – Is the small wheel (the castle wheel) of the Raptor Rickshaw pneumatic? 

Yes, the castle wheel is pneumatic. And the main wheels and fat wheels are the pneumatic also. 

8 – Can we change the ground clearance of Raptor Rickshaw?

Raptor Rickshaw supports ground clearance with low mode at 9cm and high mode at 14cm.  Updated from Rickshaw 3, users need 2-inch spacer to work in low mode.

9 – How about the castle wheel operation when changing the ground clearance?

Caster wheel has installed a spacer (yellow part) which levels for cheese plate in “low mode”, when changing to “high mode”, the spacer will be uninstalled, and cheese plate leveled.

Raptor Rickshaw 3 with various accessories supported

10 – Are there holes support you can to rise or get lower the wheels and that you can move the wheel support forward or backwards as needed?

Yes, you can move wheel support forward or backward if needed. Holes M10, distance 40mm.

11 – Does the Raptor Rickshaw come with travel case?

The Raptor Rickshaw does not come with Travel Case. However, you can purchase it separately.

**Please note that Raptor Rickshaw case is oversize package. The shipping cost would be high.

Other case size is also compatible with Raptor Rickshaw 3 for your reference: Pelican 0550 Transport Case

12 – How to clean the Raptor Rickshaw 3?

You can clean the vehicle with water and then spray Selleys RP7 or WD40 Multi-use product on moving positions such as wheel axles and bearings to lubricate and prevent rust.

c. delivery

1 – When will I receive Raptor Rickshaw if I order now?

If it is available, we can ship within 1 – 2 working days after payment is confirmed. Please check the lead-time at store link or email us at contact@customeasy.org for to update the current stock.

2 – Where does the product ship?

Products are made and delivered from Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam.