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Johnnypuetz Productions: Precision tracking vehicle shot

As part of the “Custom Easy in action” series, this blog “Precision tracking vehicle shooting with Johnnypuetz Productions” shares with you the behind-the-scenes stories that JP and his partner made.

Johnnypuetz Productions is an award-winning video production company based in Brooklyn, New York. They work with brands, agencies, and creatives to produce content that sells, inspires, and excites. Learn more them at website | Instagram

The product mentioned in this article is the Raptor Z – Z Head Arm, which features 3 – axis vibration shock-absorbing arm completed design for DJI Ronin 2 or Freefly Systems Movi Pro on set. And, the most significant difference is called quick release allows Raptor Z arm to assemble faster than other arm brands in the market. Today, we stopped Raptor Z – Z Head Arm but updated a new version with a more reliable performance called Raptor Z Pro. And, you can learn more product detail at HERE

Back to Johnnypuetz Productions, join us to explore the fantastic precision tracking vehicle shooting on set with them.


Johnnypuetz Productions are all about finding innovative ways to ride, so they were thrilled to work with Zooz Bikes on a shoot showcasing their urban electric bikes.

“Starting at 5 AM and working well into the night, we spent a full 19-hour day working to perfect our shots as we followed these bikes from the Manhattan Bridge to the Long Island City Waterfront.”

JP and his team required a super lightweight shock-absorbing arm for precision tracking shooting. That’s one of the design goals of the Raptor Z arm with a total weight of only 13kgs with built-in 15kgs Vibration and Universal Plate perfect mounting with DJI Ronin 2. Please take a look at their behind the scenes images

And find the results at


Next is the automotive arsenal that came in handy on their recent shoot with Watchonista Creative Studios for a German watch company — since they were shooting a vintage Porsche 911 on the racetrack at Lime Rock Race Park. Their precision tracking vehicle choice was a custom Tesla setup with a Cinelift, Raptor Z arm, and Movi Pro camera stabilizer.

Johnnypuetz Productions precision tracking vehicle

“Tesla’s make highly effective camera chase vehicles — their low noise output is excellent for capturing sound, they have plenty of torque for faster driving action, and they maintain smooth, steady movement whether you’re going 1 mph or 100.

Our Cinelift allows us to move vertically with the camera gimbal setup and tilt it from left to right, and we have to operate the gimbal to get the perfect framing. As for the Tesla, setup takes a village: you need someone driving the Tesla, someone running the Cinelift, someone operating the gimbal operator, and of course, someone directing.

While the shoot, communication between the chase vehicle driver and the on-film car driver must be impeccable to minimize the risk of a crash. High-risk, high-reward shots like these are what make our production company unique, but safety always has to come first.”

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In previous projects, Johnnypuetz Productions took you on New York City or the beautiful racetrack tour. And this time, with the JANE MOTORCYCLES project, this fantastic team takes us to the beach with its long sandy beach, rugged terrain in the tracking vehicle scenes. In this shot, Johnny and his team selected ATV, which balance and stability on any tricky terrains, Movi Pro as a stabilizer and again with Raptor Z Arm, strong arm for this high requirement.

Amazing result at

Full detail at

Lightweight but robust construction, Raptor Z arm accompanies Johnnypuetz team completed multi-challenging projects. Thank you for amazingly trusting Johnnypuetz Productions. Are you looking for a quality solution for your chase car? Raptor Z arm should be the solution that you should not miss. Please email us at if you need more information.