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Grip UA: From car rigs, rickshaw, or cable cam mission

Grip UA Shock absorbing arm setup 2-min

Max Varava of Grip UA contacted us in the early days of June 2019 with skepticism about an only two-month-old brand. And Custom Easy with high-quality products, durable quickly his trust is wholly deserved. To this day, we are proud to have been with Varava for more than two years and accompanied in many successful projects. From car rigs, rickshaws shot on boats, or even cable cams, the Raptor ISO and 25kgs Vibration combined with the DJI Ronin 2 stabilizer gimbal completed all missions, which Max is required.

And, here are behind the scenes and their results for your reference:

Car rigs vibration

Downtown or racing in the forest, Varava always chose his customized shock-absorbing combined with Raptor ISO and 25kgs Vibration isolator.

Grip UA Shock absorbing arm setup 2-min

Shot on boat vibration


Camera rickshaw vibration

Customized cable cam vibration


We loved Varava’s setups and were most impressed with the cable cam shooting. Because it is the result of customization from the simplest widgets that give the best results we can get. For you, what is the setup that impressed you the most?

If you love Max Varava (Grip UA) as much as we do, follow his account @varava and comment “From Custom Easy with love.”

And after all, thank you, Grip UA trusted and supported us from the first day we entered the cinema rigs industry. We wish you good health, prosperity and continue to accompany Custom Easy in the future.