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How Steadicam operator run fast with Raptor Rickshaw 3

Following the blog post “Why do you need a Raptor Rickshaw 3?”; this blog helps you understand how to run fast with Raptor Rickshaw 3 to get great results. Usually, the rickshaw camera is used with camera operators/Steadicam operators or with a shock-absorbing arm in high-speed moving scenes. Questions surrounding the rigidity of the equipment when carrying the camera operator equipped with multi-rigs at heavy payload are sturdy and safe enough? In addition, when shots are at high speed, the Steadicam operator’s focus is much forward, making unbalanced loads on the castle wheel and causing these wheels to shake during movement.
So, how Raptor Rickshaw 3 helps the Steadicam operators solve these problems, please follow this blog.

Safety and robust handle via added pull-bar

Once again, we would like to thank ??? ??????????? ??? for helping us improve the Raptor Rickshaw 3 with the added pull-bar. The pull-bar looks like solid support for the rickshaw handle; users assure the device’s rigidity, whether pulling or pushing the vehicle.

Dani Dagher, SOC, SOA, shared a challenging experience for key grip shooting with Raptor Rickshaw 3 on the beach. That was an unexpected situation when the director of photography wanted to use it on a different surface. Still, with last-minute changes and adjustments, Dani and Romany Mansour (from Highend Films) ended it up on the soft sand with a fantastic result.


And via this video, you can imagine that Rickshaw had to handle a lot of loads along with a lot of force from the key grip or on rough surfaces while remaining in his state firmly.

Basic Raptor Rickshaw setup with added sandbags

In the early days on set with Raptor Rickshaw, sandbags were used a lot to balance the center of gravity of the shooter and vehicle. And, here is one of the shares from SteadiHan Steadicam operator that you can refer to:


In this setup, he used sandbags to insert onto castle wheels and sit near these to balance the rickshaw center to help eliminate vibrations.

Combined with Extension Handle

A long journey from the day of the Raptor Rickshaw release, the customer wanted a better support solution instead of using sandbags to reduce the load on the key grip. And, that is the reason for the birth and combination of Raptor Rickshaw 3 with an extension handle
With this setup, the caster wheel can cause unhelpful vibrations when the shooter pushes the vehicle at high speed. So, you can remove these small wheels to avoid this inconvenience.

Double guys to push the bar.

Run! Run and run! Stamina can be consumed a lot, making the key-grip if fighting alone is exhausting and unable to keep up with the requirements from the director to run continuously for a long time. Operating the rickshaw camera with 02 guys would be a good choice. Raptor Rickshaw 3 answers this question with a flexible solution that easily extends the push handle, allowing more space to cooperate with more people on set.

See this pic, simple setup involved with black tube 48.3x800mm (02 units) and 48.3mm Sleeve Joint Tube (01 unit) exchanging for standard push bar of Raptor Rickshaw 3.


In this blog, we cover these extra accessories:
RICKSHAW EXTENSION HANDLE | BLACK TUBES 48.3mm | 48.3mm Sleeve Joint Tube or you can exchange by ARM MOUNTING KIT

If you are using Rickshaw 1-2, you can refer to it at:
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And product: R1/2 – Rickshaw Upgrade Kit features the same function as R3 – Rickshaw Extension Handle

We hope this blog post brings a lot of helpful information for you to use Raptor Rickshaw most effectively. For further information, feel free to email us at