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Custom Easy In Action Vol 2

Custom Easy in action is a series that brings you real-world experience from Custom Easy products.

Enjoy It!

Vol 2: Pretty Cool Project “Dawn of DareDevil”of Matt Mingay and Hot Wheels StuntzInc Team

Released on December 05th, “Dawn of the Daredevil” is a super cool project, bringing a great story about the passion of the young Madzy racer, as well as showing the excellent skills of the Hot Wheels StuntzInc talents.

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Involved as a camera and tracking operator, Michael Smith (of Micksgripping) relies on Raptor Z – ISO Dampener Combo, DJI Ronin 2, Arri Alexa Mini in most of his scenes. From car chasing scenes in the garage, on the street, or even the drifting shots on the Queensland’s racing or the rugged fields, Michael does not miss any of the talented moments of the Hot Wheels Team.

How Micks Gripping setup:

Raptor Z arm and Raptor ISO Dampener - Micks Gripping


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Are you looking for a shock absorber arm for car chasing film at high speed like Micks Gripping?


“Dawn of the DareDevil” – Matt Mingay and Hot Wheels StuntzInc

In association with Brad Day Productions & Stuntz Inc: Dan Brown, Adam Griffith, Josh Walsh, Micks Gripping, Curseri, Luke Page, Dan Mckenzie, Chuong Vo, Extra Specialist PL, Maddox Mingay

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