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Custom Easy In action Vol 3: 25kgs Vibration Isolator with Grande Studio

Serge Desrosiers CSC in setup with 25kgs Vibration Isolator, DJI Ronin 2

March 2019, a 25kgs vibration isolator, is one of the first products released by Custom Easy. And, this isolator can carry 20 – 30kgs of payload, features sturdy construction, and non-engineered adjustment in both overslung and underslung operation. Besides, it is popular with shock-absorbing arm, cranes, jib, cable-cam…by isolating shock away from the camera via a set of shock module, provide the ultimate experience in tracking stabilization, remove high-frequency vibrations and dampens low- frequency oscillations!

Arrived at Grande Studio (Canada), the 25kgs vibration isolator has become one of the trusted partners and has participated in many successful projects with Nicolas Fournier and his associates.
So, What did they do? Enjoy with us!

1. Rigging with techno crane

Here is the behind the music video shooting scene by Technocrane, DJI Ronin 2 camera stabilizer, and Arri 416 camera.

2. Rigging with customized grips

Here is a filming scene in the forest. And,the 25kgs vibration isolator equipped with customized slide is proud to participate in a project directed by Serge Desrosiers CSC.

Besides, This is another shooting day with Serge Desrosiers CSC used customized grip on boat and DJI Ronin 2 camera stabilizer.

Serge Desrosiers CSC in setup with 25kgs Vibration Isolator, DJI Ronin 2

3. Rigging with buggy

The country goes into social distancing; how will you shoot? This is the way of Grande Studio did for your reference:

The system includes a customized buggy, 25kgs vibration isolator rigging overslung with DJI Ronin 2 camera stabilizer.

4. Rigging with spider-cam

“Fly your camera through the air” – this is the best setup we love.

That is behind the scene of a live remote workshop on June 18th, 2020. Gaffer “Fast Eddy Mikolic” and DOP “Doug Koch” working from their homes in Toronto, controlled an Alexa camera and an Arri light setup at Grande studios in Montreal, all remotely over the web. Besides, Remote Workflow Expert François Gauthier collaborated with Chief Technology Officer Nicolas Fournier of Grande were there to help them out and present a new working way.

The fantastic result is here:

Custom Easy in Action Vol 3

These are outstanding achievements not only for customers but also for us! On this occasion, thank you, Grande Studio, very much for trusting us!

Are you looking for vibration isolator for your system?

If you are looking for a vibration isolator setup with your crane, jib, shock-absorbing arm… 25kgs Vibration Isolator should be the best affordable and high-quality product for you.

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