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Custom Made Easy Vol 3 – Gimbal Mount to Tube

Starting in 2022, DLP Films and Custom Easy collaborated on the first custom product called Gimbal Mount to Tube. That is a valuable product for camera operators on a set with 3-axis stabilizer systems like the DJI Ronin 2 or the Freefly Movi Pro. Follow our blog to learn more about its ability and how to work.

Key Features

Like the name, Gimbal Mount to Tube supports converting camera stabilizer mounting-based (Ronin 2 Universal Mounting or Toad in the Holes) to tube options. And, DLP Films chose 32 – 35mm tubes in this case. This size tube is suitable for holding more accessible.

With the first version tested by DLP Films, the product design only supports DJI Ronin 2. Earlier this year, we added Toad in the Holes dimension, making it possible for users to use it with the Freefly Movi Pro. Refer to the mounting method below:

The product has compact size and weighs only 1kg, the load capacity is up to 25kgs. However, it is handy for filmmakers to easily mount effects on long pipes, allowing the 02 operators to efficiently handle gimbal to move on the beach (long sandy beach), steps, or other uneven terrains.

Case Studies for your reference

Case Study 01: DLP Films and their colleagues used Ronin 2 in a TV advert of HSBC UK, Opportunity doesn’t do borders. And, the camera operators follow the talent on rough grass or move from pavement to sidewalk.

Check behind the scenes:

And the final result:

The following cases are not Gimbal Mount to Tube products made by Custom Easy. However, We list them out to help you visualize your real projects more efficiently.

Case Study 02: Special Touch Station on set on the beach.

Case Study 03: Kosuke (in Prague) and his professional colleagues follow the actor from outside into the restaurant. The long-shot transitions from crane to handheld, and you can see the filmmakers worked together to make the frame smooth.


Case Study 04: Behind the scenes OPPO Reno 2 project shot by Special Touch Station. Be careful when following.

How to purchase

Gimbal Mount to Tube is designed and manufactured exclusively for DLP Films. If you are interested in this product, please contact Dan Lobo-Pires via email at or phone contact +44-77-79-34-94-27 to reserve one.