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GFStudio Rental house masters filmmaking with Custom Easy products.

Grup Fort Studio (GFStudio) is a Rental house in Bucharest, Romania, providing an extensive range of film and TV equipment for renting. Experience the Raptor Z – Z Head from the days of July 2020; the Romanian rental house loves the durability and strength that the Custom Easy arm shows, whether shooting with a car, ATV Grip, or even a motorbike on many terrains. And with the rapid addition of Raptor Rickshaw and Raptor XY2, GFStudio is ready to cater to diverse requests from filmmakers in the region. What can they do? Follow us to learn more about that.

The video is a showreel involving car rigs, ATV rigs with Arri Maxima, Raptor Z Arm or Easyrig on Raptor Rickshaw, and more.

Tracking shot in the forest on ATV rigs

The showreel starts with smooth motion footage in the forest with talents. Taking the challenge, Catalin and his team involved Raptor Z – Z Head Arm on ATV Grips, equipped with Arri Maxima for this shot.

Enjoy rehearsal with us



A project of Știrile ProTV iLikeIT “Super-test with the most popular phones compared to a cinema camera.”
They did an experience involved in a drift car, an ATV with Raptor Z – Z Head Arm and RED Recimi compared with three smartphones latest generation at that time (Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, an iPhone 12 Pro Max, and OnePlus 9 Pro). Both camera and phones are on set with Custom Easy arm, and you can see split screen its result at original news.

That’s a great project; we are so proud. And, very appreciate with feedback from Catalin Micu and Iuliu Nicolae:

Original news at

Car Rigs for Film Driving Shots

An excellent combination involves:

  • Car rigs.
  • GF-Swivel and GF-Combi-rig.
  • Raptor XY2 with Sony FX9 camera.
  • Zeiss Batis lens.

That is one of the best settings we love. 

The Raptor XY2 has been designed to balance hard and soft movements, helping the filmmakers get great footage.

Camera Operator with Easy Rigs

Moving with a camera operator, Raptor Rickshaw would be an effective partner for filmmakers on the movement. The Romanian also loves how the seat back protects the camera operator, which helps him focus on the mission only.

Racing on ATV Rigs

You can see the full test results at:

Here is the first Raptor Z – Z Head test with Arri Maxima on rough terrain to affirm the durability and certainty that the Custom Easy arm brings.

And more,

The above settings are not all. Custom Easy offers an ecosystem of cinema rigs that filmmakers can easily use individually or in combination with each other. Thereby, they help GFStudio Rental house more flexibly respond to the needs of professional filmmakers or directors.

Which setting of GF Studio do you like the most? Please comment to let us know.