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How to set up with Motocrane remote arm systems!

This blog shares Custom Users setup with Motocrane remote arm systems. Before mounting Raptor ISO or Vibration to improve smooth performance, the users need to change Motocrane Head Adapter mount to Mitchell-based. First item in your box should be Universal Plate to Mitchell Adapter.


And depending on the terrain, how hard the shoot you will make to choose the suitable Custom Easy rigs combined with Motocrane systems.

Khunchui Ltd (Thailand) & Raptor ISO

Ultra Arm remote arm, Raptor ISO and Shotover G1 combination is the best choice of Khunchui Ltd.

They love rigs for chasing or running on the beach.

More setup on locations published at Khunchui Ltd Instagram. You can learn more at

Camera Cars UK & Raptor ISO3 + XYZ Vibration

How much love does Iain May spend on this setup? Learn more at his channel:

W E A Z E L F A C T O R Y & 25kgs Vibration

Enjoy filming in France with Weazel Factory, various setups you can find at their channels:

SteadiHan & 25kgs Vibration

So much fun is here: