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Custom Easy in Action Vol 5 – Tracking Vehicle shooting in “SNATCHED” of Matt Mingay


June 2020, Brady Day of Defy Production (Australia) called us for an urgent shock-absorbing arm for his next tracking vehicle shooting. He needs something robust and reliable to work on as the shot is expected to use many drifts, work in difficult weather conditions, and run at high speed up to 100km/h.
July 2020, we sent one of the first Raptor Z – ISO3 to Defy Production. And the Raptor Z – ISO3 quickly proved its worth, one of the trusted partners for tracking vehicle shooting not only for Defy Production but also many professional cinematographers worldwide.

“SNATCHED” of Matt Mingay: 

How did the Custom Easy arm do?

Take a look:

Brad Day challenged the tracking shoot with Custom Easy arm. On the field with rough terrain or even chasing on the racetrack. But the results are truly remarkable.

How Raptor Z – ISO3 supported?

First of all, we talk about Raptor ISO3. Updated with the new Raptor Dampener design and supports more range of motion (from – 30 degrees to + 30 degrees), the new iso dampener provides more space for drifting. Definitely, during this time, Raptor ISO3 has to maintain roll and pitch adjustment to keep everything stable.

Defy Production Raptor Z arm, Raptor ISO V3 Dampener, Vibration Isolator

And next, why did Brad Day need an extension at this time? DJI Ronin 2 is moving so fast, and this setup requires a lot of space to move. And the extension secures the room and avoids any dangerous collision during shooting.
Of course, we cannot ignore the role of the Raptor Z arm, sturdy and robust, the main factor for the entire device to work stably.

Defy Production Raptor Z arm, Raptor ISO V3 Dampener, Vibration Isolator

Another Matt Mingay project, “Dawn of the Daredevil,” is also accompanied by Defy Production and our close partner Micksgripping. Learn more at Custom Easy In Action Vol 2.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to sincerely thank Brad Day, Micks Gripping for trusting and accompanying us.

If you are also looking for a solution for your next tracking vehicle shooting, feel free to email us at