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Which Raptor Z arm combo suitable for you?

Summer Sales are coming with various gifts applied for Raptor Z Arm combo only. Have you chosen a suitable package for yourself? If not, follow us to find the best option for you.

Which application will you shoot with the Raptor Z Arm combo?

It would be the first and most important thing you need when looking for the right product. And, if only one set with vehicle tracking and payload under 20kgs, Raptor Z Pro is the optimal and lowest cost option. However, look at the Raptor Z – XY2 and the Raptor Z – ISO3 Arm if you want more than that. The difference between these combos is that they can be used together or independently in modules, so various applications you can use.

And, refer to the settings in an overview and detail for your reference below:

Raptor Z – ISO3 Application

Raptor Z – XY2 Application

Next question, which gimbal operation do you usually use?

Overslung or Underslung

We get a lot of customer concerns in this regard. Specifically, all Raptor Z combos can use both over-slung and underslung operations with the help of optional accessories.

  • Onset with Raptor Z Pro

Optional accessories: Arm to Female Mitchell, Extra Quick Release and Vibration

  • Onset with Raptor Z – ISO3

Recommendation: add Arm to Dual Mitchell to switch over slung and underslung via Mitchell-based easily, and Vibration

Important Note: Raptor ISO3 does not support over-slung operation.

  • Onset with Raptor Z – XY2

Recommendation: add Arm to Dual Mitchell to switch over slung and underslung via Mitchell-based easily, and Vibration

And more, how much speed Raptor Z arm support?

More detail here:

  Overslung Underslung
Raptor Z Pro 40km/h 100km/h
Raptor Z – ISO3 40km/h 100km/h
Raptor Z – XY2 60km/h 80km/h

Example: Most of your shooting is over-slung, and many shots up to 100km/h, you will need either Raptor Z Pro or Raptor Z – ISO3.

Last question, how much payload do you use?

  • Raptor Z Pro supports up to 20kgs payload, usually used with DJI Ronin 2, Freefly System Movi Pro, and sometimes with Arri Maxima.
  • Raptor Z – ISO3 supports up to 30kgs payload, used with most gimbal stabilizers on the market.
  • And, Raptor Z – XY2 also supports up to 30kgs payload, also used with most gimbal and compatible with camera head, such as OConnor Head. 

>> Let’s find the correct answer for you!

If you have found a suitable Raptor Z Arm, what accessories do you need?

  • Raptor Z – ISO2/ Raptor Z XY2

  • Raptor Z Pro –  Frequently Bought Together: Besides, added accesories for overslung mentioned above, the filmmakers also purchase Arm to Male Mitchell (Back-mount) and Female Mitchell Mount.

In addition, we also added some new products like Bump Stop and Dual Speed Rail.

We hope that this article brings you helpful information and clears the knots you are looking for. And, if you need any further assistance, please contact us at